apple mango
apple mango


– 100% 有機生果
– 兩湯匙 = 一份生果
– 急凍 6 小時可製成水果冰條
– 有機耕種
– 不含加糖
– 不含人造色素及添加劑
– 不含化學品及剎蟲劑
– 意大利製造





– 適合 6 個月或以上
– 兩個裝 (每個 100g)

The exceptional flavour comes from using specially selected ripe organic fruit and prepared with the minimum of heating so the fruit retains all of its natural goodness.

What makes this purées unique?
– Naturally sweet, no added sugar
– Do not contain fruit concentrates, or ascorbic acid
– One pot = one of your 5 a day
– Lightweight and recyclable packaging
– We offer some single flavours ideal for weaning
– Most of the fruits are sourced locally in Italy

Each pack contains two handy long-life, ambient-stored, sealed pots; ideal for keeping at home to use as a topping or dessert for meals, picnics or school lunches. They can be chilled or frozen to make delicious sorbets.

Easy Sorbets!!
If you’re feeling the heat this summer, cool yourself down with frozen Clearspring Organic Fruit Purée desserts.They really are delicious and completely free of added sugar!

– 2 Clearspring Fruit Purées
– 2 wooden lolly sticks or clean disposable chopsticks

1. Pick your favourite flavour of Clearspring Fruit Purée, peel off the lid and insert the lolly stick.
2 .Place in the freezer and chill for at least 6 hrs or over-night.
3. Thaw the sorbet in your hands or under water to remove it from the pot.
4. Now sit in the sun and enjoy!

– Suitable for 6 months +
– Pack of 2 (100g each)



介紹           :  有機天然蘋果芒果味果蓉 / Organic Apple & Mango Fruit Puree
產地           :  Italy
容量/重量:  100g*2